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Stellite 6B High Performance Cobalt Alloy

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Stellite 6B High Performance Cobalt Alloy
Latest company news about Stellite 6B High Performance Cobalt Alloy


Alloy 6b is a cobalt-base alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to severe conditions and high temperatures. This nickel cobalt alloy provides outstanding resistance to most types of wear. Stellite 6b® provides inherent wear resistance, it is not the result of heat-treatment, plating, nitriding, or other methods used to produce a superficial hardness on metal parts.

Stellite 6b® Features

Magellan Metals` cobalt alloy 6b® is an extremely strong nickel alloy that offers many beneficial features, including:

  • Resists erosive wear

  • Good impact & thermal shock resistance

  • Resists heat & oxidation

  • Abrasion & corrosion resistant

  • Resists seizing & galling

  • Good strength

  • Meets UNS R30006 specifications

Stellite 6B® Nickel-Based Alloy Applications

Magellan`s 6b alloy is extremely suitable in environments where a high combination of strength, high modulus values and good corrosion resistance are required. Some examples of these types of applications, include:

  • Doctor blades

  • Valve parts

  • Pump plungers

  • Knives


  • Bearings

stellite 6b


Stellite Viscose Staple Rayon Fiber Cutter Blade


The Viscose Staple Rayon Fiber Cutter Blade is one of cobalt alloy (stellite alloy ) but it has Special chemical composition, it is widely used in textile industry , we have control the core technology to produce this kind of cutter blade through powder metallurgy . Its main advantages are corrosion resistance and wear resistance better than other material. We have loyal customers from domestic and abroad now and can provide different specifications blade for customers upon their request.


Our company has been focused on researching and developing the cobalt alloy for more than 20 years, most of our products are made through powder metallurgy, so we can produce high quality cutter blade with powder metallurgy and also control the cost to give best price to our customer and help them to save cost.


Chemical composition and physical properties:


Stellite alloy























8.3g/cm ³



The basic dimension that we have mould (L×W×T /mm):


175×39×4 mm








NOTE:We have produced 30 specifications blades until now and can accept customer made products , the new mould need 20 days to finish.


Application :


The stellite cutter blade are used for the production line which produce viscose staple fibre , we have built cooperation with several big manufacturers around the World.


We can supply Free samples for customer to try and test , our factory guarantee the high quality


The cutter blades are consumable products and life-span is about half a month for each blade. we are more flexible and good sales service .


Our service 


1.Research and development(R &D): We have a mature technical team that can assist customers to develop new products and grow together;


2.Design: We can provide free design according to the samples or drawings provided by     customers;


3.Customer service: We can provide complete customer service support, including logistics, technical services, equipment commissioning etc;


4.Processing: We can provide OEM manufacturing services according to customer`s demand.


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