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Tungsten Copper Alloy

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Tungsten Copper Alloy
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What's latest company news about Tungsten Copper Alloy  0Tungsten Copper Alloy?

Tungsten-copper alloys (copper-tungsten alloys, CuW or WCu) are pseudo-alloys of copper and tungsten. Since copper and tungsten cannot dissolve each other, the material consists of different particles of a metal dispersed in a matrix of another metal. The alloy combines the properties of both metals to provide heat resistance, ablation resistance, high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and ease of processing. The member is made of a WCu alloy by pressing the tungsten particles into a desired shape, sintering the compacted portion, and then infiltrating with molten copper. Alloy sheets, rods and bars are also available.

Main Composite and Properties

Type Density (g/cm3) Conductivity HB (MPa) Size (mm)
WCu50 11.9~12.3 ≥55 %IACS 1130~1180 Rod: Ø1~50
Special type:
WCu40 12.8~13.0 ≥47 %IACS ≥1375
WCu30 13.8~14.4 ≥42 %IACS ≥1720
WCu20 15.2~15.6 ≥34 %IACS ≥2160
WCu10 16.8~17.2 ≥27 %IACS ≥2550
WCu7 17.3~17.8 ≥26 %IACS ≥2900

The tungsten and copper parts we offer have these characteristics. The electrical and thermal properties of the alloy vary with different ratios. Copper increases thermal conductivity, which plays a large role in circuit breakers. The resistivity increases as the tungsten content of the alloy increases. When the alloy contains 90% tungsten, the tungsten content is 3.16% and the tungsten content is 6.1%. The increase in tungsten leads to an increase in ultimate tensile strength until the alloy reaches 80% tungsten and 20% copper with an ultimate tensile strength of 663 MPa. After this mixture of copper and tungsten, the ultimate tensile strength then begins to decrease quite rapidly.

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